Lowongan Accounting Consolidation Manager-PT Dutapalma Nusantara (Darmex Agro Group)

    Accounting Consolidation Manager-PT Dutapalma Nusantara (Darmex Agro Group)

    Jakarta Selatan (Jakarta Raya) | Ditayangkan: 26-March-2020 | Tutup pada 25-April-2020

    Established in Jakarta in 1987, Darmex Agro Group has become one of the largest palm oil cultivation, production, exporting group in Indonesia. As one of the pioneering group of companies, Darmex Agro played an important role in making Indonesia the biggest Palm Oil producing country in the world. Since its inception, the company has expanded rapidly in acquiring lands for palm oil cultivation, establishing mills and refinery to satisfy the world's tremendous demand for the commodity.

    Currently, our plantations are located in Riau and Kalimantan. With a total of 16 palm oil mills in Pekanbaru, Jambi and West Kalimantan, total production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is around 36,000 Mt each month. A large portion of the produce are being reprocessed at our refineries to create other derivatives such as cooking oil, soap noodle, RBD stearin and PFAD etc.

    While Darmex Agro's core business in Palm Oil Mills, Plantation and Refinery, it's portfolio has expanded to include various processing and storage facilities as well as shipping infrastructure. The swift expansion of Darmex Agro in these various fields allows it the extensively integrate the complex processes in supplying high quality palm based derivatives in a timely and efficient manner.
    Headquartered in Jakarta, Darmex Agro Group currently employs more than 13,000 staff in Indonesia.

    Job Desc :
    • Me-review, menyususun dan menganalisa laporan keuangan konsolidasi
    • Membuat jurnal penyesuaian
    • Menyiapkan kertas kerja dan laporan konsolidasi
    • Menyusun dan menganalisa laporan keuangan
    • Memeriksa, mengontrol, dan memastikan pembayaran pajak
    Requirements :
    • S1 Akuntansi
    • Pengalaman min 5 tahun sebagai Accounting Consolidation Manager di Perusahaan Kelapa Sawit
    • Pengalaman sebagai Senior Manager Auditor / Konsolidasi (Diutamakan Big 4)
    • Memahami prinsip-prinsip Laporan Konsolidasi
    • Kemampuan yang diperlukan: audit, accounting konsolidasi, dashboard keuangan
    • Menguasai SAP System, Pivot, vlookup, PSAK / IFRS
    • Memiliki ketrampilan negosiasi, komunikasi dan membangun hubungan yang baik
    • Mempunyai integritas yang tinggi dan orientasi pada detail

    To become “The Leading Sustainable Palm Oil Company in Indonesia”.
    To achieve the Vision, we defined our MISSIONS as follows:
    Focusing on the expansion of integrated Palm Oil businesses
    Build & develop downstream product for achieving maximum profitability and productivity
    Providing products with the highest quality standards
    Achieving maximum value and/or returns for our shareholders and stakeholders
    Human Resource Development  and providing employment to the people of Indonesia
    Care for the well being and happiness of our employees as well as for all  Indonesians
    Having knowledge, skill, capability and expertise to do achieve of what is being tasked.
    Execution of task with complete responsibility, discipline and dedication
    Best result oriented
    Completion of tasks effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the best possible results
    Positive attitude
    Exhibit encouraging behavior towards the creation of a mutually appreciative and conducive working environment    
    Continuous improvement
    Continuously enhance the capability of self, working unit and organizations to obtain the best results
    Generating fresh ideas and create new products/tools/systems that can increase productivity and Company's growth.
    Cultivate the spirit of understanding and implementing the company's core values as part of the Darmex Agro family.
    1. Attractive remuneration package.
    2. Attractive carreer path.


    ALAMAT : PT Dutapalma Nusantara (Darmex Agro Group)
    Palma Tower Lt 22 JL RA Kartini III-S No.Kav 6, Pd Pinang, Kby Lama, Jakarta Selatan

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